I am Mistress Charlotte of Tustin California, and I am here to provide what deep down you desire.  I am a Dominatrix with many years of experience in providing bondage, domination, humiliation and sadistic services for your pleasure.  I have expertise in all forms of corporal punishment including the use of canes, floggers and whips of which I possess a large collection.  My passions include but are not limited to tight restrictive bondage.  The binding of ones submissive has always been a creative outlet for Me. The more intricate the tie, the more it inspires Me.  I specialize in humiliation chastity, sensory deprivation, cock and ball torture (cbt), nipple torture (nt), electro-stimulation, mummification, water sports, feminization and forced feminization.  I like to see uniforms including maids, nurses, and school and gymslip uniforms and have several uniforms and exotic outfits that I can wear for your pleasure.  I have a selection of toys that includes shackles in steel or leather and rope, straitjackets,  and various medical toys.  I have an impressive collection of dungeon furniture that includes a caning stool, a spanking and flogging bed that is fully equipped with stocks, a cage and even a spanking machine.  All these toys are available for your pleasure and stimulation.


Account of a Judicial Punishment from Mistress Charlotte


For many happily married years I was fortunate to experience physical discipline from my wife.  We both enjoyed these sessions and my normally quiet wife would come out of her shell and happily play the "Domme" while I experienced the joys of entering subspace for a while.  It really sparked up our sex life and we were very active together for many years.  Unfortunately my wife was taken from me at a relatively early age by breast cancer and in the following years I had become extremely lonely and depressed.  I not only longed for her but also the physical stimulation that only she could give me.  Life became totally uninteresting to the point where I actually began to see a psychiatrist.  He was not particularly helpful except to give me some pills and to suggest I re-involve myself in the activities I had enjoyed before my wife died.  Of course I kept from him my desires to undergo physical chastisement however I began to wonder if I could cure my depression by once again experiencing those flights through subspace, where the mind goes when one is in pain.

After surfing the web fruitlessly for a while I finally came across Mistress Charlotte and one day I called her explaining my situation.  She was very sympathetic and eventually we arranged a session where I experienced a range of physical discipline that included flogging and being beaten with a cane.  This session helped me a lot to realize that ultimately I wanted to receive a severe discipline session where there would be no safe words and full restraint to prevent any escape from my predicament.  Eventually I plucked up the courage to discuss these ideas with Mistress Charlotte and she came up with the scenario and session described below.  Although I have written it as a fictional account, almost everything described after I had arrived for my "punishment" is exactly as it happened.

I had been caught speeding for the third time in less than four months and my drivers license was in jeopardy of being forfeited unless I submitted to a court imposed sentence of corporal punishment.  Since my license was an essential part of my livelihood I had enquired of the court clerk what the option of corporal punishment would involve.  She informed me that I could either forfeit my license or accept a minimum punishment of thirty-six strokes of a cane across my buttocks by a court appointed and licensed disciplinarian.  Apparently to save money the county employed private citizens who had been trained and licensed to deliver a court ordered punishment on their own premises and the clerk gave me a list of four individuals near where I lived that could carry out the sentence.  If I chose this option I would still have to give up my license however it would be returned if I had the punishment carried out within seven calendar days and returned with the attached slip of paper that she gave me, suitably stamped and signed by the disciplinarian.

I took the list of disciplinarians home with me and that night I was in fear of what I must do.  I really had no choice if I wanted to keep my business alive but the thought of thirty-six strokes of a cane on my bottom was absolutely terrifying.  However the next morning, without trying to think about what I was doing I called the first phone number on my list.  A polite and professional voice took my details, indicated her fee and informed me that she would be willing to perform the sentence provided that I show up at her premises by thee o'clock in the afternoon of the next day.  She advised me not to eat anything after midnight and not to drink anything for four hours before my appointment to save any unfortunate accidents during the punishment.  Finally she informed me that the thirty-six strokes awarded by the court was merely the minimum sentence that she would carry out and that other factors such as being tardy to my appointment or my being "difficult" could well lead to her legally increasing the sentence.

It was thus with some trepidation that I arrived at her address ten minutes early, remaining in the car till one minute before my scheduled appointment. Within ten seconds of knocking at the door it opened to reveal a no-nonsense woman of medium height exuding professionalism, neither friendly nor unfriendly.  Her long blonde hair was pulled back into a severe bun and she wore a crisp white shirt with smart black tie, a black knee-length skirt over black tights with black pumps.  She asked me for identification and I showed her the document from the court and explained that they were keeping my drivers license until this paper had been duly stamped and signed by her.  She nodded and asked  me to go inside.  She then directed me into her study and paused as I looked around.  Her study was simply furnished with a mahogany desk in front of a window whose shade was pulled but which let ample daylight through.  Behind her desk was a leather chair of the type that could be seen in any executive office.  Against the far wall in one corner was a three piece wooden framed screen that enclosed some dark blue material hiding most of that corner from view.



In the center of the study however, I observed the most disconcerting piece of furniture I had ever seen.  It was clearly the piece of furniture that would be used to restrain me for my punishment.  It consisted of a what looked like a modified bar stool; the modifications being the addition of wooden stocks to hold its victim in place.

The stool was quite tall, about 3 feet high I judged, and wider than it was deep.  Its top was slightly curved to accept the chest of a person lying over it and was made of slats of wood, evenly spaced.  Because the stool was fairly narrow in depth, a person's shoulders would be over the front edge, leaving their arms to hang straight down.  At the point where their wrists would be, a wooden crossbar was situated between the stools legs and attached to it, near each stool leg, was a wooden handcuff arrangement to secure the wrists in place.  A similar wooden crossbar with cuffs was fastened between the back legs which were meant to hold the victims ankles.  Perhaps even more nerve-wracking than the wooden cuffs was the circular wooden collar that was mounted on a wooden cross piece that was itself suspended from under the stool seat.  The collar was built from what looked like two semi-circular pieces of ply-wood that were hinged together.  The bottom semicircle was secured to the crossbar and was clearly meant to accept the neck of a person lying on the stool.  The top part would then hinge down it was currently open trapping and securing the persons neck in place.  Even without the ankle and wrists cuffs, the neck collar alone, once fastened, would hold them onto the stool. 


And if all the above was insufficient there was one final piece to this terrifying contraption the crotch bar.  This supported the neck yoke and extended all the way under the stool and came out below the back side of the seat and extended for about a further five or six inches.  It had been thinned out and sanded smooth at this point and was clearly meant to go between the poor victims legs.  In this way they would have to straddle this short protruding beam before laying their chest over the stool seat.  It would thus prevent them from moving her bottom sideways during their punishment.  There was a final piece of wood directly beneath the ankle cuffs that presumably acted as a step up to help the person get up on the stool and straddle over the cross beam.


She saw me looking at the stool and said,

"Please ignore that for the moment.  You will be introduced to the caning stool in good time.  John Smith, you have been sentenced by the Orange County Municipal Court to either have your drivers license suspended for one year or pay a bail of a corporal punishment consisting of a minimum of thirty-six strokes of the cane across your buttocks.  I am now asking you officially, is it your intention to accept this corporal punishment so that your drivers license be returned?"

I nodded but she said,

"You must speak clearly your intentions."

"Yes Marm" I answered feeling rather foolish and small, "I wish to receive the punishment so I can have my drivers license returned."

She replied, "Very well.  Do you accept me as your disciplinarian?  I must warn you that I shall deliver your punishment exactly in accord with court approved methods.  There will be no leniency and the punishment will be very severe.  You must understand that once the punishment is started it cannot be stopped and further that if you make any difficulties whatsoever then I am at liberty to extend the punishment as I see fit.  Are you prepared to accept these conditions?"

"Yes Marm," I repeated.

"In that case have you brought the required payment for my services?"

Again I repeated in the affirmative and handed her the court approved amount for her services where upon she immediately wrote out a receipt.  Financial business settled she then turned to me and said,

"Now I shall explain the rules and regulations by which the sentence will be carried out.  Form now on you are not to speak except in direct answer to any of my questions.  Shortly you will step behind that screen," she said nodding at the screen in a corner of the study, "and you will remove all of your clothing.  There is a chair behind the screen on which you will find a hospital type gown.  Step into it and make sure the opening is in the back and secure the tapes.  There is one at the neck and one in back around the middle.  You may fold your clothes neatly and leave them across the chair.  You will have three minutes to complete this procedure, tardiness will result in you being awarded extra strokes.  When your gown is properly fastened you may then re-appear from behind the screen and stand to one side.  I shall then order you to stand in front of the caning stool that you see in the center of the room.  You will step up onto that block of wood and position the beam of wood that protrudes from the rear, between your thighs through the hospital gown.  The gown will be loose enough to accommodate it.  Settle yourself comfortably on the beam and then lay down over the slatted seat and let your arms dangle over the edge.  You will position your neck in the open yoke.  If you are in any pain or discomfort at that point, do not speak however you may raise your left hand to signal me.  In that event I shall do everything reasonable in my power to settle you in comfortably.

"When you are comfortable you will relax your arms over the edge of the stool and I shall then close the neck yoke and latch it in place.  I shall position your wrists in the wooden hand stocks and secure them appropriately and then finally secure your ankles likewise in the foot stocks.  I shall then remove the wooden stepping block and you will drop into position with the seat of the stool supporting your chest and the protruding wooden piece supporting your pelvis.

"Next I shall then open your gown in back and bare your buttocks and then take a photograph of your buttocks and thighs to show the court their condition before the punishment begins.  I shall then apply the cane.  The strokes will be very hard and the subsequent pain will be severe.  I shall commence my treatment in the center of your buttocks and will move the cane around covering the area from the top of your buttocks to midway down your thighs. I shall pause for exactly sixty seconds between strokes but do not think that this will help.  The pain from each stroke of the cane takes between thirty to forty five seconds to fully develop.  It is important that you fully appreciate the pain from each stroke prior to the next stroke being delivered.

"Now it is the courts belief that you should focus carefully on each stroke so that this punishment achieves it's full benefit; that is to deter you from breaking the law again.  For this reason the court wants you to keep count of each stroke during my delivery.  However you are to keep this count silently.  When you believe that all thirty-six strokes have been delivered you will then be permitted to say;

"That is thirty-six strokes delivered Marm.  Thank you Marm."

"To help you keep an honest count and focus on each stroke I must warn you that under no circumstances are you allowed to say this before I have delivered all thirty-six strokes.  In the event that you call out this before all the strokes have been delivered then I shall begin again from the beginning.

"Do you understand this clearly or do you need me to repeat any of these instructions?"

I gulped.  Surely I couldn't keep a real count when she was punishing me so severely?  However I nodded and said softly,

"Yes Marm, I understand."

She said,

"Speak up, I must know that you clearly understand that you must keep a careful count of the strokes during the punishment."

"Yes Marm," I said loudly.

"Very well.  Finally after you have correctly identified that I have delivered at least thirty-six strokes I may then award additional strokes if you have made any undue sounds of pain during the punishment.  I shall then take a final photograph showing the wealds to your buttocks and thighs.  Do you understand?"

"Yes Marm."

"Good.  Do you have any questions?"

"No Marm."

"Very well, you may go behind that screen.  Remember you are not allowed to say anything or cry out in pain until you believe I have delivered all thirty-six strokes and then you can thank me."

My nervousness was approaching the level of terror as I walked over to the screen and stepped behind it.  There was a straight backed chair as she had said and folded neatly over it's back was a clean and pressed hospital gown.  Remembering her words not to delay, I undressed quickly and wondered briefly about leaving my socks and underwear on.  However she had told me to remove all my clothing and I understood that failure to comply with her instructions could well lead to an increase in punishment.  So naked, I slipped my arms into the hospital gown in the annoying way medical people have of putting you into them backwards and fumbled with the tapes in back to tie them.  I then folded my clothes as neatly as my trembling hands permitted and then stepped out from behind the screen.

She was waiting for me, standing to the side of the caning stool.  She pointed silently to the stepping block and I mounted it as indicated.  I then had to straddle the protruding cross beam by opening my thighs and lifted myself till my crotch was supported by it through the material of my gown.  She waited while I manipulated my genitalia to a more comfortable position and then she had me lie down with my chest across the wooden slats.  As my head became horizontal my neck rested comfortably in the bottom half of the open neck yoke as my shoulders cleared the front edge of the stool and my arms dangled over the edge.  I wriggled a little till I was comfortable and then she closed the top half of the yoke over my neck and secured it with a bolt.  I was now locked fairly effectively on to the stool.  She then went around to the front of the stool and positioned each of my wrists in the wooden stocks and fastening them in place by means of little wooden gates that enclosed each wrist and were fastened by some form of screw.  My hands were effectively locked down with my arms hanging straight down.  Then she went behind me and maneuvered each ankle into similar wooden stocks on the rear of the stool and secured them in similar fashion.  Finally she slid the wooden block on which I was standing out from under me and my entire weight became supported by my chest on the seat and my pelvis on the crotch beam.

I was thoroughly immobilized, only being able to wiggle my fingers and toes and possibly nod my head up and down and twist it from side to side.  There was a mirror on the opposite wall and by lifting my head up I could see my predicament as she then opened the hospital gown at my waist exposing by buttocks to the cold air.  She now said in an almost sympathetic voice.

"Please try to relax while I take a photograph of your bottom for the record.  This won't take a moment."

I watched in the mirror while she took a single flash photograph of my exposed buttocks and then she disappeared from view briefly having now replaced her cameral for a rather menacing looking cane.

"I shall now begin your sentence.  Let me remind you once more not to cry out or make any undue sounds as they will require me to add additional strokes at the end of your sentence.  And remember to keep a silent count of all the strokes I deliver.  After the thirty-six strokes you may say "that is thirty-six strokes delivered Marm, thank you Marm."  But do not say this before all the strokes have been given or I shall have to begin again.  Finally I suggest you try to keep your buttocks relaxed during the procedure.  It will do nothing to help the immediate pain however it will reduce the ultimate bruising resulting in a slightly faster healing time.  The cane I am using is three feet long and one half inch wide, made of a nylon based material.   It is extremely strong and very flexible as well as being heavier than most rattan canes and so it will undoubtedly cut into your skin.   For your protection it has been sterilized prior to your arrival.  Prepare yourself."

I briefly wondered how you could prepare yourself for this but my thoughts were interrupted when I felt her tap the cane in the center of my backside.  Suddenly I heard a whistle followed by a dull "crack" as the first stroke exploded across my bottom.  The pain was beyond anything I had ever experienced before.  It was as if a white-hot wire had been placed on my skin.  I could not suppress a piercing cry.  I had received the cane many times in the past, but the strength with which she had delivered this stroke seemed unbelievable.


"Please remember to keep quiet" she informed me quietly.  "If I were you I would try to control myself and not to cry out after every stroke since it will only increase the number of strokes I shall have to give you at the end."


I believed her!  During the remaining interval of sixty seconds before the next stroke arrived she tapped me several times lightly with the cane and laid it across both cheeks as if to take measure for the next stroke.  This made my terror increase immensely.  Then there was another "Whoosh" followed by another dull "crack".  Somehow I managed to take it without crying, also with the next several strokes.  At some point the pain became too strong and I emitted a soft groan.

"Be careful with your sounds Mr. Smith," she prompted.

Gradually my endorphins kicked in and I began to sink into subspace.  However I suddenly realized I had not been keeping count.  How many had I had?  I guessed about ten but to be on the safe side I estimated six.  I wanted to avoid stopping her at thirty-five and having her start again.  I forced myself to recite in my brain every stroke from then on; even though my concentration was waning as I sank deeper and deeper.  Eventually I counted to thirty-eight when I suddenly realized I should stop her.  But I couldn't remember the words.  Another stroke merged into the rest when I suddenly said almost out of nowhere,

"Thirty-six strokes delivered Marm.  Thank you Marm."

"Actually you have taken forty-four strokes," she said softly "however I feel it is my duty as a court appointed official to award you two extra strokes for the sounds you made during your punishment."

Almost numbly I nodded my head as she delivered the penultimate stroke.  It dimly registered and almost before I could fathom it I felt the heat of her last stroke.

For the next twenty minutes or so I was barely aware of what happened.  I think she left me on the stool for a good while and then undid my bonds and led me over to a chair.  It took a while for me to come around until the point where I could stand sufficiently stable so I could go behind the screen, remove the gown and dress in my own clothes.  Finally before dismissing me, she handed me the piece of paper from the court which she had now stamped and signed.  She also gave me two Polaroid photographs showing my buttocks before and after the caning.  I was unaware that she had actually taken the second photograph.  She told me she had copies for her own files and that the court may insist on seeing the before and after pictures that she gave me.  As she ushered me through the door she said,

"I'm happy that you can now get your drivers license back and I must admit you did rather well.  Please try to avoid the traffic courts in future."

The above account is fictionalized only in that there were no photographs, the description of her study is a little off and that the paper I had her sign for the court was actually something I had previously concocted on my home computer.  She did sign it however and noted on it that I actually received forty-six strokes of her cane.  She laughed as she handed it back and told me it was a souvenir.  The remainder of the story is quite accurate as to what happened during my "Judicial Punishment" scenario.  It was painful to sit for the next couple of days but that soon subsided and the marks resolved within about ten days.  Of note is that my depression seems to have totally resolved and all seems very good with the world.  However I am left wondering if thirty-six strokes of the cane is the punishment for a speeding ticket, what would be the punishment for a DUI offence?