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I am Mistress Charlotte of Tustin California, and I am here to provide what deep down you desire.  I am a Dominatrix with many years of experience in providing bondage, domination, humiliation and sadistic services for your pleasure.  I have expertise in all forms of corporal punishment including the use of canes, floggers and whips of which I possess a large collection.  My passions include but are not limited to tight restrictive bondage.  The binding of ones submissive has always been a creative outlet for Me. The more intricate the tie, the more it inspires Me.  I specialize in humiliation chastity, sensory deprivation, cock and ball torture (cbt), nipple torture (nt), electro-stimulation, mummification, water sports, feminization and forced feminization.  I like to see uniforms including maids, nurses, and school and gymslip uniforms and have several uniforms and exotic outfits that I can wear for your pleasure.  I have a selection of toys that includes shackles in steel or leather and rope, straitjackets,  and various medical toys.  I have an impressive collection of dungeon furniture that includes a caning stool, a spanking and flogging bed that is fully equipped with stocks, a cage and even a spanking machine.  All these toys are available for your pleasure and stimulation.

An Encounter with Mistress Charlotte’s Spanking Machine



Mistress Charlotte has asked me to write a few words about a session that I had with her the other day.  She wanted me to be a “test subject” for a new piece of equipment that she has acquired and it turned out that this equipment was a Spanking Machine.

Perhaps I should mention that I have known Mistress Charlotte for some time now and have often received her services that have included all manner of spanking, over the knee, over her special caning stool, knelt down and laying across a padded bench.  She has subjected me to her hand, wooden and plastic paddles, leather straps, canes, whips and all manner of floggers.  Having been in the scene so to speak for sometime, I am no beginner but I am also aware that there are many others in the BDSM community that are able to take much more than I can. I mention this so that it may help you to put my words into your own context. 

I think Mistress Charlotte selected me for the test of her new spanking machine because I once told her of a story that I had read on the web where a school boy was punished by his female teacher for being unruly in class.  She had taken him to a special room where the she had made him remove his jeans and briefs and had them strapped him into a machine which, when switched on, had paddled his bottom for about hour.  The teacher had left him alone and yet much of the school, particularly his friends who he had been showing off for, had heard him screaming and yelling during his punishment.  It had thus reduced a brat into a tear stained, broken little boy.   

Now please understand that in no way do I or Mistress Charlotte condone this sort of behavior towards minors and in particularly we would both be offended by involving minors in any BDSM activity what-so-ever.  That being said, since reading that story (which is still available on the internet) I have often imagined myself in the position of that poor boy.  And I admit to finding that predicament somewhat arousing.  I suppose it was I had mentioned it to Mistress Charlotte that she selected me to be a guinea pig for her own spanking machine. 

It was a Saturday evening when I arrived for my session and was intrigued to see the “device” fully erected and waiting for it’s victim.  The machine is a little difficult to describe but it consists of two padded benches, one of which is raised.  On the lower bench there is a slot cut down the middle which holds a wooden post.  Mounted on the post is a wooden device which is capable of holding the ankles of a person kneeling on the bench.  The upper bench holds a similar device to secure the wrists and there is even a wooden circular yoke for holding its victims neck.  Mounted on either side of the upper bench are vertical support pieces that hold the business end of the machine.  There are two spoked wheels and two arms that swivel around an axle.  On the end of the arms are wooden paddles approximately the size of table tennis bats.  I’m not really sure how the device works and wasn’t given long to make an inspection however for those who are interested, Mistress Charlotte has a short animation on one of her web pages that shows what the device is like in action as well as a photograph of the device itself. 

Mistress Charlotte had me undress but unlike the schoolboy in the story who was allowed to keep his shirt on, she had me take off everything.  I was hoping she would give me a warm-up spanking before I would experience the machine but it was not to be.  Naked, I felt very vulnerable as she led me towards the machine.  Holding the paddles away from me she made me kneel on the lower bench and had me straddle a wooden beam that protruded from below the upper bench.  I had to settle my crotch over this beam and rather disconcertingly, I found that my weight settled onto this beam because my knees barely pressed in to the surface of the leather padding.  The only way to combat this tremendous pressure in my crotch was to bend down at my waist so that my chest lay on to upper padded bench which was exactly what Mistress Charlotte wanted.   

As I bent down my neck came to rest in the lower semicircle of the neck yolk and as soon as I was comfortable, she lowered the upper half of the yoke down over my neck and secured it with some sort of catch.  The Mistress then positioned my ankles in the ankle stocks and I felt them close securely trapping me from moving up or down the bench.  Finally the Mistress had me stretch my arms straight out in front of me and then she fitted my wrists in the hand stocks.  I was now totally fastened down with my face resting in the upper benches center slot with the padded leather on either side of my nose and cheeks, cushioning my head.  I really felt like that little boy who had been secured by the teacher to the spanking machine.  Suddenly I felt his plight, I was at the mercy of Mistress Charlotte who had become the cruel teacher in the story and who was now going to punish me.  I was actually starting to feel like a scared little boy.  I couldn’t move, could barely even wriggle my bottom because that crutch bar between my legs prevented any side to side movement.  Further, because my weight was not on my knees I couldn’t even move up or down.  And finally I wasn’t sure how much the paddles would actually hurt. 

Mistress Charlotte didn’t make me wait long.  After a few strokes with her fingernails across my upper back (that made my whole body shudder as though I had received  an electrical shock) she turned the machine on.  There was a slight rumbling sound and then one of the paddles slammed into my buttock cheek.  I don’t remember which cheek was struck first however I was relieved that it was well within my pain threshold.  Two seconds later my other buttock felt a similar blow and then after another two seconds my other buttock cheek got hit again in exactly the some place as the first stroke.  The hits were no where near as painful as the strokes Mistress Charlotte can, and often has, delivered; the sorts of strokes that suck the breath out of you and make you want to scream.  These were more in the nature of her warm-up strokes.   

However there was something entirely different.  Every stroke hit with exactly the same strength and the time between strokes was always constant.  After a few minutes I realized I was helpless.  I was completely trapped in an inhuman machine that spanked and spanked and spanked.  My crying, my feeble attempts at trying to move made no difference.  It continued to spank away, always in exactly the same place and that little boy inside of me began to panic.  I wanted to get off, I wanted it to stop and yet I could feel after each spank my mind was tensing for the next hit and the next and so on.  I could hardly think 

And another part of me was becoming incredibly aroused.  I wanted to stroke myself, I wanted relief but I couldn’t move to generate that relief and my hands were securely trapped.  Gradually I sank into a space where I was that boy in the story.  My teacher had left, I was totally alone, trapped with nothing to look forward to but that endless spanking, always in the same place and my buttocks were really starting to sting.  Over and over, endlessly.  Time ceased to mean anything.  There was only the rhythmical “Whap” “Whap” ever two seconds and I sank deeper and deeper. 

Mistress Charlotte apparently turned the machine off after 30 minutes.  One of my buttock cheeks had developed a small lesion from the paddle constantly hitting in exactly the same place.  However I don’t remember her shutting it off.  At some point I began to come to, with Mistress Charlotte hugging me.  Time had simply flown by as I had been locked in my own private space.  I do not remember her unlocking the stocks that had held me down and I do not remember her helping me down out of the machine.  I only know that it had been a totally unique experience, one that I look forward to repeating sometime in the future. 

Mistress Charlotte has since told me that she never left me at any time.  Although I had fantasized about being left alone in my own private world - it had never happened.  She had remained silently behind me, observing my safety and watching that the paddles didn’t do any unusual damage.  She has further informed me that the machine needs a couple of minor modifications which should be completed in the next few weeks and then it will be ready to offer her clients a truly new and unique experience.  I for one am looking forward to all modifications being completed so I can “dive” in to that sub space again.

  A grateful client of Mistress Charlotte

Update 7/5/2008

A few days ago I was fortunate enough to have another ‘ride’ on Mistress Charlotte’s Spanking Machine.  It has been just over a year since my first experience and I have been fortunate to have had several additional rides during that time.

However the machine has undergone several modifications during that time which include the method in which the subject is fastened into the machine, a change in how the spanking paddles deliver their blows and new paddle arms and paddles.  A new and much more powerful motor drive has also been added. The net effect of these changes has been a fantastic increase in the overall experience.

The first version of the machine I was subjected to was elevated and I basically was required to kneel on a coffee table bent over a similar type of table mounted on top.  The lower table has now gone and the subject essentially kneels on the floor and Mistress Charlotte secures the ankles with cuffs locked onto a spreader bar.  Originally the wrists were fettered to a wooden device mounted down the center of the table on which the chest lays.  This position although very secure was somewhat uncomfortable because the natural tendency is for the arms to be secured with the wrists much further apart.  The new method for securing the subject now allows for the hands to be manacled to the edges of the upper table in wooden fetters mounted on either side of the frame.  This is much more comfortable since it takes some of the stress off of the wrists and shoulders although it is just as secure as before.  A neck collar continues to hold the head down as before.

Perhaps the main difference in the machine however is in the way the force of the paddles is delivered to the subject’s buttocks.  In the early design the paddles were lifted by a rotating spoked wheel and then fell by gravity alone to deliver the swat.  To get an effective swat the paddles had to be heavy but their speed was relatively slow.  This made for a good ‘thuddy’ feeling that after a time left you somewhat sore however, anybody who is an aficionado of over the knee spanking knows that generally spanks delivered by an hand, hair bush tawse or paddle are much more in the nature of a sting.

To achieve this effect the paddles have been redesigned to be flexible and light weight.  However that alone would be inadequate since they would still fall under gravity leaving the actual nature of the spank to be too ‘light’.  To combat this, the paddles are now lifted by the spoked wheel against the tension of rubber bands.  These rubber bands are stretched up until the spoked wheels release the paddle and the rubber then accelerates the paddles down at amazing speed.  A new and more powerful motor turns the spoked wheel so that each paddle can be loaded with anywhere form one to six rubber bands.  Just three rubber bands is equivalent to the swat applied my most humans when delivering spanks with either a hand or a hairbrush.  Four rubber bands produces a very severe swat and after only five minutes with four bands on each paddle my own buttocks were quite heavily bruised.

At the moment I can only dimly imagine what six rubber bands would feel like for a half an hour.  However I have seen the machine hit cushions at this power level and no undue strain on the drive mechanism was perceptible.  The sound of the paddles striking is quite awesome.  And since the paddles hit in the exact, and I do mean exact same location on every swat, it doesn’t take long for the pain to become quite severe.  It really helps to be able to float into subspace relatively quickly.

Although I have not yet tried them Mistress Charlotte has shown me some heavy weight lexan canes that can be inserted into the machine instead of the wooden paddles.  These are also accelerated by means of the rubber bands and I can well imagine that they would leave some nasty welts.

I cannot speak for Mistress Charlotte however I believe she will tailor the experience to suit clients who wish to try out this new experience.  She has the capability to be able to increase the power of the swat that each paddle or cane delivers by adding or subtracting the rubber bands.  She can also adjust the speed at which the paddles deliver their strokes and finally she can choose the time that you are secured in the machine.  And believe me, once secured; there is no escape until she chooses to release you.

In summary then I would just like to say that the Spanking Machine is almost a new machine, with design improvements that make what was a really good experience into a now truly exceptional one.  I can honestly say that I can hardly wait for my next opportunity to try out this wonderful device.